Community Workshop & Training Center, Inc.
"Our Central Illinois organization provides programs and services to adults
with disabilities; enriching their quality of life, promoting social change
and optimizing their potential for independence."

Patti Gratton - Executive Director


Jim Croke - Chief Operating Officer


Mike Grane - Controller


Marcia Huenefeld - Administrator of Information Systems


Karen McMenamin- Administrator of Program Services


Mona Robinson - Administrator of Residential Services


Don Rulis - Administrator of Training Services

Board of Directors

Wayne Tessier, President

Lindsey Birkel, Vice President

Alice Downing, Secretary

Tony Lees, Treasurer

 Paul Gaeto

Tom Hunt

Linda Pendergast

Michael Lied

Kendra Moses

Michele Sullivan

Clint Naugle

Darin Suarez

Larry Resutko

Tim Gronewald
Alison Morrissey