Community Workshop & Training Center, Inc.
"Our Central Illinois organization provides programs and services to adults
with disabilities; enriching their quality of life, promoting social change
and optimizing their potential for independence."

Volunteers are needed in 2018 as we continue to "grow" our garden program. The program provides CWTC consumers the opportunity to become involved at a variety of levels from therapeutic recreation outlets to developing job skills leading to employment opportunities. Fostering healthy lifestyles for participants and the community is a part of the program. Help is needed at our large garden at the Dorchester Ridge Apartments in Peoria and at the CWTC Twin Oaks residential facility in Pekin.

Garden or farming experience is not required.   We appreciate any time you can give to help us!

For more information, contact Don Rulis at (309) 686-3300

Some areas where help is needed include:

- Garden design

- Tilling, soil preparation

- Composting

- Construction of garden beds, trellis, small structures, compost bins

- Planting

Ongoing needs throughout the growing season:

- Weeding

- Watering

- Ongoing harvest and produce distribution

- Pest management

- Assisting consumers in garden access and education

- Row covering management to extend growing season