Community Workshop & Training Center, Inc.
"Our Central Illinois organization provides programs and services to adults
with disabilities; enriching their quality of life, promoting social change
and optimizing their potential for independence."

CWTC’s fundraiser at the Metro Center Farmer’s Market this past weekend was a great success!  A sincere thank you goes out to all that supported the event.  The consumers really enjoyed nurturing these plants which started as tiny seeds back in the blustery month of February.  The bird houses and feeders turned out great, too!  The wood used for the bird houses were previously being discarded and it was nice to see the material find new life in the back yards of our supporting community.  The re-purposed pallet gardens also generated a lot of interest.  All of these projects taught many valuable skills to consumers and this is just the beginning.  We will be back out and about in the near future – bringing the community together.